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Alex Lutz

18-27 April 2025

Rock is dead, long live rock. However, please complete the “I remain rock” form on our secure platform “” or on the “Yéyéyé” application with your 12-digit code. The absent are always wrong.

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The Rocket Man!

31 January 2025

A TRIBUTE TO SIR ELTON JOHN RICHARD WALTER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the best tribute ever to one of the greatest musicians of all time, Sir ELTON JOHN, in a dazzlingly true spectacle, THE ROCKET MAN! A true legend with multiple Grammy Awards, ELTON JOHN is, with more than 400 million albums sold around the world and a hundred essential hits. No one has been able to embody this flamboyant and unique superstar with as much brilliance, realism and madness as the now world-renowned JIMMY LOVE.

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Belinda Davids

06 November 2024

Richard WALTER PRODUCTIONS takes up the challenge of making you relive the show of another world icon, the queen of SOUL and RnB, the one who was perhaps the greatest singer of all time: WHITNEY HOUSTON!

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Paris Squash 2024

15-21 September 2024

All on track for 2024! After the Palais de Tokyo square, Paris Squash Project will take you from September 15 to 21, 2024 to the prestigious, magical and enchanting Cirque d'hiver Bouglione in Paris! Built in 1837 by Napoleon 3, it will provide a luxurious setting for the court with 4 transparent walls, with 360° vision for the 1,500 spectators who can be accommodated around the star track.

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22-24 June 2024

"Paris, at the turn of the last century. In the heart of Pigalle, a cabaret is teeming with laughter and songs. You know this place and its history... welcome to the Moulin Rouge!

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Meurice 2027 - Le Grand Meeting

14 June 2024

A first five-year Macron term has barely ended, and now it is followed by a second mandate which promises to be encouraging. But 2027 is already tomorrow! And the president will not be able to run again. It is time for Guillaume Meurice to declare himself for the supreme office. Guillaume Meurice is your candidate. When the need to go faster, higher, stronger arises, our eyes instinctively converge on the only legitimate candidate, who alone embodies the future of the France of the future!

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