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Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione, follow shows but are never the same. This is the golden rule! Only excellence continues. they have heart to always rhyme excellence with elegance and flamboyance! Discover the composition of the show on tour under our big top... Surprise!

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Tom Dieck – Big Cats
Errani’s elephants

Throughout his life, Errani family been able to approach all animals, in particular, the most exotic of species. The mutual understanding which unites this family is astonishing. Again, this is proof that the exchange between man and beast is the cornerstone of all training. And that the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione’s ring remains the place where animals are king!

Victoria Bouglione – Hula Hoops

Some of you may have practiced the Hula Hoop that was a rage in the 1960s. Do not be fooled by appearances: you will never get to the ankle of Victoria Bouglione.
This phenomenal artist will know how to enchant you! If Mr. Loyal does not think to make it clear to you, know that this discipline gets its name from a Hawaiian dance, the “hula”, and from “hoop”…

Gaby Dew – The post

The Hungarian Post, a classic of equestrian acrobatics that still fascinates the public. If everything is calculated, repeated, this number requires an extreme concentration between the artist and his horses, because each performance is a real die, a new challenge. You will be fascinated by the audacity and energy that Gaby Dew deploys on her ersts. Let yourself be transported by this galloping whirlwind, in which a woman, unique in her personality and temperament, takes you into a “Crazy Cavalcade”.

Totti – Clown

A free electron whose universe is the circus, that’s Totti!
This Clown is able to hold a whole show a public in excitement and joy.
The comedy is his reason for living.
Totti puts his good humor and joie de vivre at the service of the public to tear us away … of laughter and happiness.
Totti will become so by his good nature and natural sympathy, inviting you into his world of recovered childhood.

The cavalry of Sacha Houcke – Cavalry

A life dedicated to the horse, a passion for dressage and work with this animal. Although descended from a dynasty of riders, Sacha Houcke has an innate talent for understanding and communicating with the equine genus. The intelligence of his training, recognized by his peers, allows him to exult on the track while keeping the humility of the great, constantly emphasizing the elegance and harmony of his horses. Discover this gift of perfection that gives the public an impression of amazing ease. Great signature for this equestrian masterpiece offered by this master squire on the trail of Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione. A rare moment!

The flying trapeze with the Flying Mendoças

For these Brazilian artistes, to perform in the dome of the Cirque d’Hiver is the accolade of their career. On inventing this discipline in 1859 at the Cirque d’Hiver, Jules Léotard never imagined that this building would become a hall of fame, a rite of passage for the most famous. The Mendoças are the greatest trapeze artists of today, as much for their aerial aestheticism as their feats. We adored them in 2014 in Paris for their show ‘Géant’. It was therefore evident that this renowned troupe should embark on a tour around France.

Natalia and Sampion Bouglione – Straps

Ten years ago they met in a show at Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione. Today it is their union, in the city, that allows on track Natalia and Sampion to offer an exciting and passionate number. Passionate by the creation and originality of their presentation, passionate about the commitment of one to the other in a unique acrobatic performance. Let yourself be surprised by this Opus with 4 hands whose key of solfeggio is the tenderness.

Juan Gutierrez’s parrots

The intelligence of parrots is clearly evident. With their exceptional memory capacity, they can distinguish shapes, colours and objects.

These qualities have always fascinated Juan Gutierrez who acquired his first parrot at the age of 14; this was Jewel, a female Blue Macaw. Realising that he wanted to share his life with this parrot, he decided to centre his career on her and introduce fellow birds to her, in order to be able to feature them together in a show.

It is a real pleasure for us to discover these animals, born in captivity, with their glorious colours and multiple pranks, which are proof of their skill and constant entertainment value when on show.

The grand finale is a combination of thrills and enchantment, with magnificent flights which transport us into an unforgettable, magical moment, when nature displays all its grandeur.

‘Hand to hand’ acrobatics with the Olympos

Three athletes, like three Greek statues emerging directly from circus games, present the most ancient acrobatic discipline: ‘hand to hand’ acrobatics.

These three young and handsome Brazilians will certainly not leave you cold, especially because of the perfect execution of their act, the optimum combination of both the harmony and coordination of mind and body.

This act, performed with aesthetic appeal and breathtaking character, addresses movements which have never been seen before.

Salto Dancers

Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione performances have always been punctuated by a corps de ballet. Our Salto Dancers bring the audience and performers together through colourful choreographic sequences.

The orchestra

The circus magic is indebted to its orchestra…

Some circuses have opted to perform without an orchestra, whereas the Cirque d’Hiver cannot imagine a performance without the talent of its orchestra’s musicians, as one of the establishment’s great traditions each year.

Overlooking the circus ring, the orchestra is more or less at the heart of the performance; it adds tempo throughout, accompanying the entrances and exits of the artistes.

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