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Under the benevolent eye of Michel Palmer, Monsieur Loyal, and Pierre Nouveau's orchestra, the new season opens! The artists of the 2022-2023 play the Fantasie card with high-flying acts : oscillating mast, aerial straps, big illusion, giant unicycle, aerial hoop, hand-to-hand, horizontal juggling... Not to mention the hilarious Mangeurs de lapin and more surprises to come!

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Antony Cesar, aerial straps

It captivates all audiences, professionals and neophytes, all borders combined. Coming from a circus family, this twenty-year-old kid combines poetry and Fantaisie on the track and gives aerial straps a real magnificence. Artist, acrobat, gymnast, dancer, Antony is a prodigy who knew how to delight the hearts of the members of the jury of La France has an incredible talent in 2020! With its straps, this ephebe climbs to the firmament of the tent. Near the stars, that’s her rightful place!

Duo Vitalys, hand to hands

This duo of friends comes from Peru. Pablo (41), and Joel (37), from gymnastics, received the Gold Medal at the 15th International Circus Festival of Albacete in Spain this year. Aficionados of exceptional acts were able to appreciate these two artists in Le plus grand cabaret du monde. To the power and audacity is added the Fantaisie. Pablo and Joel have been able to rethink a great classic of the track and thus reach excellence!

Jimmy Saylon, big illusion

As his name does not indicate, this artist is Italian. Everything in Jimmy Saylon’s number is pure Fantaisie : costumes, lights, atmosphere, music, scenography… He knew how to create a phantasmagoric universe that Tim Burton would not deny! He invites us to travel in a world of illusions where, of course, there will be a beauty to rescue from her cage! No wonder Jimmy was awarded the Golden Elephant at the Girona International Festival in Spain!

Julot Cousins, oscillating mast

If Antony Cesar is the youngest of the show, Julot Cousins ​​is the craziest senior of the troupe! In her sixties, supple as a cat, Julot is the very embodiment of Fantaisie. As if being installed on an oscillating mast were not enough, the acrobat offers a frenzied hula hoop a few meters from the ground. You can’t help but think of Buster Keaton hanging from his clock as you contemplate the prowess of this fearless 60-year-old!

Jump’n’Roll, jumps and Korean board

They are called Kirill, Ruslan, Vitalii and Dimitri and have made Fantaisie their credo. The Slavic soul of these four trendy boys will set the Cirque d’Hiver ablaze. For their first number, here they are in striped clothes, perched on stilts, jumping rope, playing leapfrog and chaining back and forward jumps. Real zebulons mounted on springs! For their final number, they opt for a very rock look and costumes and transform the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione floor into a dance floor. Wild rhythms and exceptional prowess for these acrobats who surf like no other on their Korean board and take turns propelling themselves while performing somersaults, spins… The discipline was invented by North Korean artists. The Jump’n’Roll will leave you no respite!

Lena Smaha, horizontal juggling

Coming from the Czech Republic, this artist is a gifted juggler. The proof: Patrick Sébastien took her on tour with him for the 2021-22 season. Lena moves around the track welcoming and returning red balloons that look like they’re glowing! Graceful and elegant, the young woman appears to us as a real magician! These luminous balls seem to dance and twirl in the air as if by magic. She knew how to breathe Fantaisie into this discipline.

Les Mangeurs de lapin, clowns

Their track name alone sets the tone: this trio of French artists have made Fantasie their credo. They have the touch of the greatest fanciful people in the spirit of the music hall as we love it! One is to the music, the other plays the masters of ceremonies while the third acolyte goes on pranks on pranks. Whether perched on dummy elephants, or parodying a number of bolas, these irresistible schoolboys go from laughter to tenderness, from emotion to hilarious.

Lucia Martdaz, aerial hoop

This internationally renowned artist has achieved a tour de force: bringing an incredible Fantaisie to this high-flying act! It revisits one of the key disciplines of the circus. With her hoop, the young Cuban reinvents the art of wrapping herself around this wheel which acts as a partner in its own right. Lucia dances and moves across the floor with infinite grace and soars to the top of the marquee as if by magic!

Michel Palmer, Monsieur Loyal !

A true red thread of the show, Monsieur Loyal is a model of elegance, presence, knowledge and benevolence. He encourages the artists, introduces them to the public, ensures their well-being and the smooth running of the show. This irreproachable master of the house intends to let himself be won over by the wind of Fantaisie which promises to blow on the track this season!

Pavel Valla, unicycle

In the Pavel family, we ask for Valla, artist of the 5th generation! Perched on his giant bicycle without handlebars, he could be content to chain the laps. But that’s without counting on its incorrigible Fantaisie! Lovers of the little queen will be amazed to see him climbing steps on his funny mount! He started to tame the unicycle from an early age, which explains his excellence! Born in England, the artist lives in Spain and cultivates his Czech origins.

Pierre Nouveau’s Big Orchestra

The orchestra is the backbone of a circus show! It highlights prowess, challenges and artistic performances and accompanies each artist with an infinite palette of tempos. And for this, Pierre Nouveau leads his 9 musicians with the baton! They all show a real talent for adaptation to restore moods and emotions, illustrate the dramaturgy or underline the Fantaisie of each number!

Regina Bouglione and poneys

This child of the ring can do everything. Emeritus rider with a haughty bearing, the daughter of Émilien Bouglione is known for maintaining a beautiful bond with her dear horses… It took all the grace and know-how of Regina Bouglione to present an endearing number where Fantasie and tenderness take over the track. Both obedient and mischievous, his 6 ponies with superb manes will delight young and old alike!

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