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At Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione, the enchanting shows follow one another but never look alike. This is the golden rule! Only excellence persists. The masters of the place watch over it; They have at heart to always combine excellence with elegance and flamboyance!

Exploit offers unprecedented moments of pure magic with, for highlight, children and old's laughs fuses and shatters. The building echo with their laughter for the delight of the charismatic Steve and Ryan, our wonderful American clowns.

When artists and animals invest this magical and mythical track, you can only be seduced and subdued.

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Errani’s elephants

Throughout his life, Errani family been able to approach all animals, in particular, the most exotic of species. The mutual understanding which unites this family is astonishing. Again, this is proof that the exchange between man and beast is the cornerstone of all training. And that the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione’s ring remains the place where animals are king!

Ty Tojo – Juggling
Golden Dream – Aerial Silk
Steve and Ryan – Clowns
Duo Frénésie – Chinese pole
Salto Dancers

Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione performances have always been punctuated by a corps de ballet. Our Salto Dancers bring the audience and performers together through colourful choreographic sequences.

The Wolf Brother’s – Burlesque
Régina Bouglione

Horses, camels, pigs, dogs… Year after year, she never fails to amaze us with her new companions!

This year, it’s pigeons and birds which will try to obey her… Why try?

Because, like us, they are instantly mesmerised by her charm and beauty: she remains princess of the circus ring!


Andrey Romanovski – contorsion
Joseph Bouglione’s horses

The horse is man’s greatest conquest, and since the creation of the modern circus at the end of the 18th century, this animal is its embodiment. As the measurements of the circus ring are suited to equine tasks, equestrian art is unquestionably the leading art of the circus.

Once again this year, the Bouglione family give a rare performance paying tribute to this animal, a true lord of the circus ring.

The Mendonça -Flying trapeze
Liviu Tudor – Comic
The orchestra

The circus magic is indebted to its orchestra…

Some circuses have opted to perform without an orchestra, whereas the Cirque d’Hiver cannot imagine a performance without the talent of its orchestra’s musicians, as one of the establishment’s great traditions each year.

Overlooking the circus ring, the orchestra is more or less at the heart of the performance; it adds tempo throughout, accompanying the entrances and exits of the artistes.

Chloe Gardiol – Aerial hoop
They loved our shows
Bouglione will make you love Circus. Le Parisien
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This place full of magical illusions, branded Napoleon III, is the Cirque d'Hiver charming trademark. Madame Figaro

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